Killmallock was once Irelands largest town many moons ago and is now where our production plant is based. Kilmallock is famous for its Dominican Friar ruins adjacent to out plant.


Our BRC higher Grade facility is state or the art using the best technologies available in the industry. We are dedicated to constantly improving our services to ensure maximum quality products with minimum effects to the environment.


Cork, Ireland
Ireland’s ‘Real’ Capital and where we are headquartered. Cork is also home to the famous Butter Museum which outlines the historic importance of Corks Butter Exchange of the nineteenth century.

Glasgow, UK
This business unit, based in Glasgow, focuses on servicing the UK market. The UK is also a nett importer of dairy products and is Irelands most important trading partner. Dansko has over 30yrs experience servicing the UK market. With its product offering it is well positioned in the retail, industrial and foodservice markets from a B2B perspective. We also source a lot of UK origin cheese and butter products that allow us to service our customers who have requirements for UK origin dairy produce.

Parma, Italy
This business unit, based in Parma, focuses on servicing the Italian market. Italy is a nett importer of dairy products and is a very interesting market for Irish dairy produce and also for sourcing Italian Origin cheeses. Over the last 2 years at Dansko Foods we have increased our presence within the Italian food ingredients sector with specific emphasis on cheese and butter solutions. With a growing portfolio of products and increasing customer interest we have committed further resource to increasing our presence in this market. This has also allowed us to increase our range of Italian origin products which has increased in demand across our customer base.


We are situated in the heart of the Irish dairy industry and have supply contracts with ALL the major dairy manufacturers in Ireland.


We Export To:

  • UK
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • USA


We Import From:

  • UK
  • Austrailia
  • New Zealand